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Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Medical QR Code

The Verification System will be Ready on 4/23/2014.

Please return then to verify your Cellcom Green Bay Marathon Emergency Information

Like you, we’re big fans of running events and distance events of all kinds.  Whether it’s a marathon event or Ironman event, half event or full event; your health is a top concern, not only for you and your family.

We participate in these events for many reasons. We do it for the challenge, for the fun of participating, for the sense of accomplishment and sometimes we do it for the t-shirt. Throughout the entire training process and even leading into the event itself, there are often different aches, pains and injuries. is available as a resource to help prevent injuries.  We’ll also offer some simple treatments for minor and common running ailments. will provide articles and postings written by runners who are also experts with varied background experience from alternative training disciplines including Yoga, Pilates, Strength Training, Personal Training and more.

In addition to being a resource for your running health, our parent company also developed the SynChart® Personal Health Record and is the innovator behind introducing the Medical QR Code™ to running events and distance events of many kinds.   Look for more about this in future posts.

Distance events like marathons, half-marathons and triathlons of all distances are exciting events requiring long hours of preparation.  The last thing on anyone’s mind is an acute illness or a collapse.  Injury or accidents however, happen much too frequently.  Prior to SynChart®, little if any information could be known about a race participant in emergency situations.

Protection of mobile athletes is the reason SynChart® Medical QR Code Service™ was created.  Every participant wearing a pre-printed race bib will have their encoded name, address, phone number and emergency contact immediately available to Emergency Personnel.  With the SynChart® Personal Health Record service more extensive information such as multiple emergency contacts, medications, allergies, medical conditions and physician contact information can also be accessed if necessary.

In upcoming weeks you will see additional e-mail tips that focus on the health of the runner or distance athlete.  Topics will include steps to help prevent and recover from injury, and how nutrition plays a part in achieving your goal…to complete YOUR EVENT.

To Your Health!

Dr. Mark Westfall

Founder – SynChart®

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