Nutrition for the Best Performance

Dr. Mark Westfall
Food Groups

Nutrition for the Best Performance

Good nutrition is as important as any other aspect of your training.  If you focus on strengthening, stretching and training runs, but ignore good nutrition you will never experience your maximum performance.

As you learned in school, there are five food groups: dairy, protein, fruits, vegetables and grains. These are the key elements that lead to good nutrition and optimum performance. For many, the challenge with nutrition is eating too much of foods that are high in fat and calories but devoid of nutrients, such as cookies and candy, chips and overly processed foods.  Eating these types of foods means we often eliminate the important foods…fruits and vegetables, lean meats and whole grains.  It’s a challenge for all of us, but by limiting the bad stuff and focusing on the good stuff we can keep our body in balance and ready for the race.

In future articles we will break down each group and explain why they are important and how they help you prepare for race day.

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